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In one respect, it seems crazy to suggest that more toilets are needed, when in fact there are some patrons who wouldn't use them, under the current enforcement,  if there were no lines. But, these rogues aside, all areas are far from adequate and would cause anyone... even the most modest... to seek a more expedient manner of relief.  Perhaps "The Great Woods Refuge" would be close enough. However, due to the parking lot layout, it is not.  Then again...
Who Would Ultimately Be Held Accountable
For Any Tragic Incident Happening In The Great Woods?
The Tweeter Center...  The Mansfield Police... Or The Town of Mansfield
For Allowing Such A Secluded Unpatrolled Area To Exist?
Is It Wise To Even Leave This Area Accessible?
There seems to be a general scheme that there are two port-a-toilets per small parking lot. This scheme pre-supposes that one could make it from the very furthest lot to the gate, pre-concert, for there are lines at all of the port-a-toilets along the way.  Good luck on a belly-full-of-beer. 
In the large parking area, which is behind the smaller lots to the right of the of the main entrance, there are ONLY FOUR toilets, paired in twos, clustered in one quarter. The paired toilets should be separated and additional ones should be placed more toward the hightway and in the center of this lot, which is perhaps four acres or more.
The main limo lot shares a cluster of four toilets that are located near the main entrance, (two are for handicap)... In fact, as you can see on the picture page, these port-a-toilets dominate the view of the entrance, . Additional toilets should be placed placed further into the large limo lot.  The last limos are very far from the cluster. Currently, occupants in those limos are best advised to bring some bug repellant and be prepared to enter The Great Woods Refuge.  Perhaps pepper spray may also be a smart idea!
The Immediate Answer Is More Portable Toilets.
The Next Answer Is Permanent Toilets Optimally Placed To Cover Many Lots
Supplemented By Portables.