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Leave Your Sanity At Gate... Obsurdity Starts Here
The Tweeter Center's Sign

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" - Just Drink With Cups
The Town of Mansfield Sign -- The "Official" Waiver

Both signs are ridiculous, for they ignore both the social aspects of concert-going and tailgating.  Interestingly, there are no signs for the bad behaviors discussed in this report.  Many venues provide written information and make announced warnings about unrulely and lewd behaviors.  At Friendly Fenway, merely flashing a finger will get you tossed out. 
Also interesting is that both signs have been and are continuosly "waived" by their originators and/or enforcers.   When Tweeter Center Security or other departments turns a blind eye to the abuses mentioned herein, they condone harassment of their employees and patrons.   When police "card" a minor, they condone drinking by people of age with whom this person is drinking.
When both the Tweeter Center provides and the Town of Mansfield allows an inadequate quality and number of toilets, they create an enviroment in which the patrons cannot be held responsible.  This contributes to the breakdown of decent and socially acceptable behavior.  To hold people accountable, they must be able to be accountable!
Therefore, laws, signs, and enforcement for the purpose of decency and safety need to be updated.



This text sign is not in the parking lot, but from the Tweeter Center website.  Perhaps the Tweeter execs should walk the parking lots to determine "the great entertainment experience" about which they write.
The Tweeter Center Parking lot is not about "Sex, Drugs, & Rock 'n Roll."  That's by private invitation.  The parking lot, though privately owned, is used by the public for publicly approved, licensed events, which are mainly enforced by detailed police. 
Overall, controlling a crowd has as much to do with setting the limits to behavior, as it does with enforcing them.  In little time, it is the expectation of the set limits that establishes the behavior, as potential offenders of that new norm must find another place upon which to prey.
One final related and import observation.  There are no signs regarding cookers, open flames, extinguishers and extingushing when attending the concert, distance from vehicles, and disposal of ashes. In fact, for the number of times that I observed the parking lots, I saw but one detail firefighter cruising the tailgating parties.  That's a lot of cars, parked tightly together, probably holding at least 30,000 gallons of gasoline, all mixed in with hot charcoal grills, starter fluid, people, alcohol, pot, and one main exit!
So one must conclude that the present "system" of signs and inadequated facilities are designed to "force" early arrivers to sit for hours in the venue drinking a major sponsor's $5.00 drafts and eating expensive food.
But then again, this is not the total experience of outdoor concert going.  It's time for a better, more realistic approach.