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"Great Storms Announce Themselves With A Gentle Breeze"
Charted #1 for 2 week... Top 40 for 11
First Charted Top 40 May 6, 1967
An opportunity arose for me to attend the Black Crows concert.  It was my first visit to the Tweeter Center for a performance.  I was angered and disgusted by the performance which I saw in the parking lot prior to and during the concert.
Well, it wasn't the drinking, nor the pot.... But, IT WAS THE PUBLIC URINATION, AND THE PURPOSEFUL INDECENT EXPOSURE, which constituted a real SEXUAL HARRASSMENT; plus worst of all, IT WAS THE APPARENT INDIFFERENCE OF ALL AUTHORITIES TO THESE ACTS, which were boldly performed by the perpetrators o draw a crowd... without even the slightest concern for arrest... which betrayed prior "cool" occurrances... THAT'S WHAT GOT TO ME!  
As I have shocked, "liberal" witnesses to validate my claim, one should accept that it is true.  Additionally, one should accept that this entire report is accurate based on my numerous observations, which are validated by photos, for I expect denials, rationalizing, and counter-challenges as I always receive in similar matters.
Tweeter Center... for your own sake, you should want this behavior to stop... for your sponsors' sake (Budwiser, Pepsi, WBZ, etc) you and they should want it to stop... and for the Town of Mansfield's sake, it should demand it to stop.  For my sake, plus all other people that would like to attend/return without being exposed to this environment, it must stop.
Though I'm not a lawyer (but certain that I could form a cadre of ambitious recent grads to "Paper Chase" this matter) I know that all the laws to clean this mess up already exist.  My only question that evening was whether to press the issue, or implore the parties to "get it together!"
Regardless, I knew immediately that I would take this initiative.  I've spent time considering alternative approaches to this problem:  They ranged from pressing charges for sexual harassment... through public embarrassment... to this initial "Gentle Breeze." 
Had I acted immediately, I would have been at the DA's office pressing sexual harassment charges... as a "concerned citizen," or some other legal device to protect Tweeter Center employees, contractors, other patrons, and even limo drivers who had / have to endure this "zoo."  I was that angry. 
I'd be mortified if my son or daughter had to work in that parking lot.  And, had I a child working there, I would have pressed charges, immediately.  The law is very clear:  Management -- in this case The Tweeter Center / Clear Channel (and all) -- has a responsibilty to not only to their employees, but to their clients, vendors and guests to their facilty, to provide an environment free of harassment.  This responsibility not only falls on the corporation, BUT ALSO ON THE MANAGERS, who are equally and personally liable.  This has all been court tested and now has judicial precedent. 
Oddly, as our society attempts to eliminate harassment from the work place, the Tweeter Center hires high school / college students into the very environment which "society" seeks to irradicate.   Nice touch! 
Hey, I've been around the sun more times than most patrons who frequent the Center.   I've seen some pretty gross behavior.  In total, The Tweeter Center parking lot topped the charts the evening of the Crows' concert .
"Respect Yourself"
Charted #12 for 1 week... Top 40 for 10 Weeks,
First hit the Top 40, November 13, 1971
also covered by
Charted #5 for 1 week... Top 40 for 10 weeks
First  Charted Top 40, January 31, 1987
About This Report

THIS REPORT / WEBSITE began in June '01 when I was finally able accept a friend's invitation to attend the BLACK CROWS Concert, compliments of his friend, who managed The Crows.  I offered to drive my RV, and to be the designated driver.  Parking at the Tweeter Center for RVs is on an access drive that separates the limo area from other parking lots. My RV was no sooner parked and settled, when a group of limos parked just across from us.  Though the passenger were of both genders, the guys hopped out, and while FACING my vehicle, a bus of people young people in front of us, the food stand, and all the young workers (at least half female) who helped park cars that were in the area... unzipped (some then needed to drop their pants to drop their bikini u-trou) and thus began PISS 'n PLAY- WITH-THEMSELVES FEST.  And, this was not the only egregious display that evening.  It was all over the place... at least 20 times within 100 feet of the RV including a few attempts next to and on the RV!
MY REPORT WAS IN FINAL DRAFT shortly after the JIMMY BUFFET Concerts, '01, when of course tragedy struck... 9/11.   Realistically, this report wouldn't have even made page nine, second section of any paper.  It may not get too much closer, today.  But it should, for there is an underlying problem, that preceeds 9/11, about which I've written and challenged, since about 1984... I call it, "Creeping Complacency." 
I HOLD NO PERSONAL MALICE towards neither Tweeter, The Tweeter Center, Clear Channel, the Town of Mansfield, MA, (government, police, or others) nor the sponsors except for the issues stated within.  I also have no interest, financial or otherwise, in any competitors, manufacturers of plumbing equipment, or contractors.  And, I am not a religious fundamentalist, far-to-the-right-conservative, lawyer-chasing-an-ambulance, or "dork!" As I've been doing "this thing" since the mid '80s, I'm hardly opportunistic in my approach... 
I HAVE NO HIDDEN AGENDAS other than stopping the public peeing in parking lots by making permanent entertainment venues be required to construct, adequate permanent toilet facilties, under the same codes that are in effect on the otherside of the ticket takers. After all, more time is spent in the lots due to tailgating and traffic than in the venue, per se!  LET'S GET SANE!  POORLY DESIGNED AND MAINTAINED PARKING LOTS FOSTER BAD BEHAVIOR which is the genesis of this report.
AND, IF YOU BELIEVE AS SOME others that this is really not an issue... they're just the way things are when people mass at venues... consider this:  Porta-johns not only assault most people's senses by their design... they are a VIOLATIONS OF PUBLIC HEALTH CODES.  Not only is there no hot water ( a requirement for employees )... there is NO WATER!
I don't even need to be as explicit as TV ads.  I'll close with a thought. 
Nor does the arguement hold that there are restrooms 
about 1/2 mile away inside the gate.
"Let's Get It On!"
Charted #1 Hit, 2 Weeks -- Top 40 Hit, 17 Weeks
#1 R&B Hit, 6 Weeks
First Charted The Top 40, 07/28/73
Still Requested Today

Yours Truly
Spinning Tunes but Telling Truths

"THE LEGAL ISSUES ARE SIMPLE:  Public Urination is illegal...  as is Public Exposure which can ALSO be viewed as sexually harrassing.  Also, the Town of Mansfield posts a clever C.Y.A. ordinance that states that drinking is illegal in the parking lots of The Tweeter Center... But it's a law that is unenforceable by the limited police who are detailed to the venue, and that is implicitly waived by those who are there, thus voiding its existence.  It's also a law, which if strictly enforced would bankrupt the fun of attending The Tweeter Center.. and per chance, The Center, itself."

"THE MARKETING ISSUES ARE PERPLEXING:  Stadium and event sponsorship is bought by companies in attempts to brand their products and company.  So why does Tweeter, the region's upscale "chain" audiophile store, stalward station WBZ, clean living Pepsi, and even Budwiser... "The King Of Beers".. not care about the total experience of their music festival?  Why would any sponsor wish to host their VIP clients or reward their star employees with this scene?  Additionally, why might sponsors not be concerned about secondary, and other cascading effects... perhaps even liability lawsuits?" 

***  I've purposely chosen not to grace this report with too many polite words like urination; there's nothing polite about this topic.  In fact, it's a topic that should need no discussion at all.