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After my initial exposure (no pun intended) to the Tweeter Center parking lot, I returned numerous times to understand the score.  Here's my scorecard:
THE BAD NEWS:  The Center's Parking Lot Is  A Lot of Confusion
  • A posted Town drinking ordinance that is not enforced, or really enforceable.
  • A missing Town ordinance which should be posted (urination/exposure).
  • The Town's enforcement of the above ordinance.
  • Center security which is non-existent pertaining to the "back door."
  • The Center's (perhaps Town's specifications) disregard for more toilets.
  • Ditto regarding the during-event maintenace of even the ones that exist. 
  • The Center's disregard for protection of its patrons/employees from explicit abuse.
  • A need for more fire patrols and a need for better parking lot numbering.
  • Overall lack of establishing behavior expectations.

THE GOOD NEWS:  All Can Be Corrected Immediately

  • The common and statutory laws are written and tested.  No new laws are needed.
  • The harrassment laws, regarding management's responsibility for their enforcement to protect employees, patron, and vendors, have been tested.  Precendent has been set. (Perhaps not tested is the responsibility of the sponsors; however, in this litigious socity, were I deep-pocketed sponsor, I would be concerned.)
  • The addition of more police details to establish and arrest bad behavior is immediately possible and CERTAINLY AFFORDABLE by the Tweeter Center.
  • The addition  of more sani-houses can be IMMEDIATE and is AFFORDABLE in the short haul, while the Town evaluates NEW regulations for permanent toilets in their building code w/r/t seasonal PERMANENT facilities.
  • The posting of additional signage, plus the distribution of handouts to every car, limo, bus, rv driver, plus their patrons at every event enumerating acceptable , unacceptable, ejectable and arrestable behavior, is immediately possible and affordable (Fenway Park does a great job in stating conduct standards, both in print and by announcement, plus enforcing the same, to control over 32,000 people, 80 times a season.)