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Similar to going to a football game, the fun... equal to, if not greater than -- in attending a concert comes from the tailgating that occurs for hours before or after the event.  For a 3 hour concert of 3 acts, it's safe to say that 3-5 hours might be spent in the parking lot...
For this reason, it escapes logic why permanent toilets are not required by city, town, and state building and health ordinances in lots where more time is spent than in the venue where permanent facilities are built.  The Tweeter Center is a permanent facility, even if it is used seasonally.  To me, a parking lot is an integral part of the venue, especially in the case of The Tweeter Center where there really are no alternative parking facilities (excepting a few sharp Ma 'n Pa entrepreneurs willing to savage their crabgrass for big bucks). 
Let's be honest:  A port-a-toilet leaves more than a lot to be desired.   It is nothing but a fiberglass outhouse... a cheap, unacceptable, throwback solution to a basic personal need.  (Please, hold the e-mail about ancient Roman public defecation,  Louis XIV's toilet court, present third world country sanitation, and how you grew up on a farm in the 1900 with only an outhouse... This is the 21st Century in America.) 
Name a person you know that likes port-a-johns!  Times up.  They are despised by all, especially women who must face a ridiculous cup size urinal at eye/nose level... and who are denied by sitting the slight air from the open slots at the top.  ( Where's N.O.W. when it's needed?  Clearly, a man designed this hovel! )  Then again, whatever happened to those noble concepts of Mens' / Ladies' Rooms and pottie-parity laws due to biological necessity?
Additionally, trade union should not allow them on job sites lasting more than a few days, because they take work away from union plumbers...
No water to wash...  No flushing... No nothing. 
And, one will never see this sign inside one: 
"Employees Must Wash After Using"
That's because they can't wash!  And by law, that's illegal!  In fact, it's not only illegal to not have water;  it's illegal to not have hot water for employees. 
If some nimble spokesperson claims that The Tweeter Center employees do have these required "privileges/amenities/requirements,"  then one must ask, "What about the paying patrons?"  Isn't this then a double standard?  I think so...
The only "plumbing" in The Tweeter Center parking lots is that patrons are getting hosed!  LIMOS ARE CHARGED $30.00/VEHICLE; YET THE DISTANT LIMO AREA PARKING HAS THE WORST ACCESS TO SANI-KANS.*
Certainly, some portion of all ticket sales contribute to covering the parking lot overhead.  With tickets starting above $40 dollars, no one will abstain from the next Bon Jovi concert for another $1.00 per ticket, if that's what it takes to balance out the profit margins.  That's probably $15,000 dollars, on average per concert, into better sewage services.
Today, for the most part, limos for concerts / events don't connote a high society "entrance," but a tuxedoed (maybe) designated driver.  The passengers have been drinking the entire trip to the venue... In fact, approaching the venue, one can see limos pulled over on 495 for pitstops.  Having stopped or not, by the time anyone reaches the parking lot, bursting bladders require immediate available facilities, not ones which are "single holers" a football field away.  Patrons who travel by car may have travelled for hours to get the venue.   They have the same needs. (We who have self-contained RVs understand the creature comforts of such travel.)
Given the biological need, especially with the consumption of high volume liquids** such as beer, it's hardly confounding that the entire parking lot becomes a toilet.
*As an interesting aside... one must also ask why motorcycles obtain the premium spots along the inner circle and in the limo area where handicap parking seems more appropriate.
**As a more interesting aside, if people "did" shots rather than drink beer, the urine volume would decrease 92% for the same same buzz level... and I might have no report!