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74 Fourth Street  

Heart of The Berkshires

Pittsfield, MA 01201   413-442-2118






  • Executive:  Founder & President, Principal,  Consultant
  • Senior Management:  VP of Sales, Director of Marketing
  • Non-profit:  Founder of non-profit 501C3; past president of two other non-profit 501C6s
  • By Example: A natural roll-up-the-sleeves-hands-on doer from youth.


  • Founded several businesses in different disciplines including S*W*A*T described below plus with equines (Equine Equity and Newport Coach & Carriage) plus felines (Johnny HiHat Cats).
  • Self-funded all businesses; gained a deep respect for revenues, expenses,  cashflow, and commitments. 
  • Experienced in launch and growth on "shoestring" budgets.
  • Enjoys “path-finding” and “odds-stacked-against” endeavors and projects.
  • "Rolls the dice" on endeavors he can control; otherwise, not a gambler, per se.


  • VP of Sales; grew a software start-up to an IPO.
  • Author of hard-hitting, sales training course “Mastering the Art of the Hard Soft-Sell” uniquely designed to leverage personal weaknesses to harness sales and marketing strengths for professionals, artists, and individuals.
  • Consistent quota achievement for 17 years while on quotas set by others.
  • Four-time Million Dollar Sales Award Winner in early ‘80s when $1,000,000 in independent, big ticket software sales was huge.
  • Successful home / branch / in-field sales territory and management experience.


  • Internet, direct, traditional expertise; responsible for design & content of over 30 content driven websites for clients and self. 
  • B2B / B2C successes in hi-tech, no-tech, pharma & non-profits.
  • Pioneer & expert in “tele” approaches which today includes the Internet and Social Media Marketing for big-ticket sales.
  • Creator of numerous client brochures, websites, and online / offline campaigns, including the integration of on & offline tactics to  
  • Author of courses, and of articles on marketing and sales.


  • Skilled negotiator with Fortune 500s and national accounts.
  • Skilled drafter of contracts, positions, and expositions.


1983:  Founded / funded / fully staffed Sottile’s Winning Action Teams dba S*W*A*T(sm) Tactical Marketing Agency, a custom, self-contained sales/marketing agency serving Fortune 100s to individuals artist from concept to completion.

1992:  Transitioned S*W*A*T to a marketing consultancy with associate service providers.

1996:  Expanded and integrated consultancy to include online marketing via Internet; websites, email, and streaming.


Prior to forming S*W*A*T:  VP of Sales with BGS Systems; grew software sales and sales organization to IPO in four years.

Prior to BGS:  Seller of computer timesharing (today called “on-demand" and "cloud" computing”); business computers, and mainframes.

Prior to high-tech:  Began career, by leveraging pre-med sciences, selling ethical pharmaceuticals and injectables for Merck Sharp & Dohme, a division of Merck.


Additional Experiences


  • Co-founder of After The Bugles, a non-profit corporation (501C3) educating and benefitting severely veterans wounded in war and survivors of fallen troops.  Creator  & Producer of  21 Word Salute which honors heros fallen in or resulting from war.
  • Past President and Board Member of the former Mass Media Alliance, a non-profit trade organization (501C6) promoting film, video, and multi-media industries.
  • Past President and Board Member and of the former Yankee Thoroughbred Breeders Organization, a nonprofit, trade organization (501C6) promoting Thoroughbred breeding and racing in the Northeast.
  • Former Class Officer / Webmaster for a Dartmouth College alumni class; plus project webmaster for another class (both 501c3s).
  • Breeder (not-for-profit), for the past 15 years, of foundation feline stock to “perfect” a breed of polydactyl, “tuxedo” cats and study their communal behavior. 
  • Provider of entertainment services / planning for life/corporate/military. events under the brand, “Johnny HiHat” (tm) 



Graduate of Dartmouth College, Hanover NH, BA in Economics with additional concentration in Pre-Medical Sciences.

Post-graduate study at Boston University, S.U.N.Y. / Albany, Rensellear Polytechnic Institute, plus on-going independent study.

A wealth of experiences through numerous, self-funded companies, numerous and varied clients with whom he has "stood in the trenches," plus past employments.