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Looking Forward
After considerable thought, and with even greater consternation, for these felines are also buddies, I have made the decision to gift this unique study to a veterinary college, or college biology department for a more directed, genetic study and for more organized behavioral observations.
I know that my 15 year effort is at a point where the entire program -- from genetics through medical discovery to even increased handling by doctors, professors, students, wranglers -- will be enhanced, if I can find an institution which accepts the educational value enumerate here and elsewhere.
For this reason, I am approaching veterinary colleges.  First, they are best set up to optimize the continuing study.  With the collection of cats, ALL sharing common ancestry back to my foundation tom and queen, plus with all being fed the same food and handled in the same way, the differences among them physically and behaviorally can be mapped, studied, hypothesized, and actualized to build a better cat, through out-crossing and further selective inbreeding.
From an educational point of view, I can only speak for myself, who was pre-med (quite a while ago) dissecting formaldehyde frogs and reading dry genetics books:  The longitudinal study of Johnny HiHat Cats has been a living field of discovery.  For this reason, I find it difficult to conceive why educators, soon-to-be vets alike, and/or biology majors would not find the same to be true.
The offer to obtain multiple generations of cats of 100% common ancestry is rare.
The opportunities going forward are exciting; and, my deed of gift has no stipulations other than the following:
• The animals are only to be used for genetic and behavioral study.
• The animals are to be kept in communities, not individual cages/pens.
• The institution agrees to refer to the breed as Johnny HiHat Cats or  optionally "Institution's Name - Johnny HiHat Cats;
• I can periodically review the project in a non-managing manner. 
• I have the first right to find THE PROGRAM a new institution, if the current accepting institution decides to discontinue the program and has not, itself, identified another institution of similar stature to carry on the program under these same stipulations.
In conclusion,  I know that this program will lead to a better breeding and understanding of cats.