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Who Are We


Who Are We

"Great Storms Announce Themselves With a Gentle Breeze"

Nature Abhors A Vacuum
"Who died and made us boss?" is a question often asked of us.
Usually no one died; but, s/he & they may have abdicated
a position of responsibility leaving a void.

Venues and Events is comprised of seasoned and respected marketers, former operators of entertainment venues, supporting members of touring acts, active and former public safety personnel, premises and computer security specialists... all acting as event goers. We don't infiltrate anything that is not already open to the public, unless we are engaged to do so.
We operate in plain sight... We wear plain clothes.  We don't hide... And, we don't use high-powered telescopes or sound-gathering dishes to "discover" anything.  We work only with our natural senses... and off-the-shelf cameras. 
We evaluate what is infront of us and challenge what is indefensible.  In this respect, we are selfish.  We play with a card deck that is "stacked" in our favor: Exisiting ordinances, statutes, common (sense) laws, codes (or a lack of ones obviously missing) are leveraged with public/community expectations in the knowledge that most individuals, businesses, and governments are averse to both "bad press" and especially lawsuits.
Our self-funded public studies create one further tension... AWARENESS. Our posting notice on the World Wide Web closes the door on the feigned "stupidities" mentioned elsewhere and opens an inviting door for "Remedy," which if not embraced at the threshold leaves void the passageway for the unwanted guest "Negligence!"