JOHNNY HiHAT'S Venues and Events


Who Are We

"Great Storms Announce Themselves With a Gentle Breeze"

Tuning Up 
Venues and events get out of kilter for various reasons.
We care less about the "how" and whys. 
We focus on their results.

A Venues and Events' evaluation is based on the concept of
"Managing By Walking Around."
Our reality is observable actions and behaviors... and this can only be discovered by walking around... taking note... and lightly engaging people, not surveying them. What we see is what we get!  It's also what the patrons, sponsors, and venues get, once we sharpen their vision.
During our evaluation phase, we are not interested in knowing about the underlying assumptions that our clients may have made, or the nuanced compromises in thinking that may have been reached to accommondate parties. We care less. 
"But, you don't understand," is a common phrase from people who we challenge.  Ah, but we do! We've all been in business and understand "The Process." And, that's why V&E's independence is of critical importance to a client; we must remain out side of their thinking, financial, and political process.  We fearlessly defend our independence... even over a re-engagement, or retainer.  It's our only way to "tell it as it is." And, supporting our side is a world of history, "telling it as it was" ... ranging from missteps to colossal man-made catastrophies... all caused by a person or persons discounting the Gentle Breeze... as they debated the validity of the Great Storm Report.