JOHNNY HiHAT'S Venues and Events


Who Are We

"Great Storms Announce Themselves With a Gentle Breeze"

"Come Together"
Whether it's the blind innocents of "Status Quo"...
or the daredevilish adoption of "Assumed Risk,"
Venues, Sponsors & Patrons are stakeholders
at every venue and event.

Time Marches On...
as do other less obvious things such as customs, mores, codes, laws, legal precedents, financial judgements, media scrutiny, bang-for-the-buck sponsorship, media investigation, public relations... and public expectations.  Today, implicit within the meaning of "event" is the hyped nature of the gathering. This means...
The Stakes Are High
All The Time
About Our Services...
There are numerous "buyers" who benefit through our services... buyers being placed in quotes since patrons, though beneficiaries of an improved venue and event, pay nothing.  The real buyers are the stakeholders, such a venues, sponsoring companies, entertainment providers, municipalities and media who wish to retain an independent company to "observe" a venue and event for their respective purposes.
For Examples...
  • Were you the CEO of a company whose valuable brand image was crystalized around personal health, would you want your company to be the major sponsor of a venue/event which did not live up to that brand image?
  • Were you the CEO of a secondary sponsor of an event (perhaps a decision that was made to block a competitor's sponsorship) would you make the same decision if you determined that the risk, for reasons that you could not control, might be greater than any sponsorship rewards.
  • Were you an elected person, or a part of a group, who was responsible for the promulgation of laws and codes, would you not be as demanding to enforce the same...regardless of the community's deriving great exposure... not to mention tax reveue and additional incomes.
Perhaps, none of the above examples were meant to imply bad decisions, wrong doing, or even negligence. But for all the right reasons wrong decision get made.  And, they are normally incrementally made, or allowed by omission, without the benefit of "taking a breather"... a fresh look at perhaps an existing and/or underlying assumptions.
Venues and Events works to validate and align assumptions and events that reinforce a client's position, or to recommend nixing those which are detrimental.  There's no "magic" to our work... just honesty.