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Media: The Victims
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In our seven-day world, it's often easy to move on to the next breaking newsflash.  If this has happened to you, this page will rivet you back to the enormity of this, and all tragedies... including our troops in theaters of war.  There are not just lives lost... there is VITAL LIFE multiplied by the number killed that is lost.  As one views the pictures, reads the stories, and sees the couples -- even married couples -- one can't help but to be reminded of ALL THE VITAL LIFE that was consumed by The Station Fire.
There are many tributes and memorials.  On this page, I have placed several tributes by the media, but by no means all the tributes given.  Obviously, the ones below seem to be duplicates, but the text is often different.  For this reason, all are included. 



Christopher Arruda, 30, Coventry
Eugene Avilez, 21, Burlington, Mass.
Tina Ayer, 33, Warwick
Karla Bagtaz, 41, Randolph, Mass.
Mary H. Baker, 32, Fall River
Thomas Barnett, 38, West Greenwich
Laureen Beauchaine, 35, West Warwick
Steven Thomas Blom, 38, Cranston
William Christopher Bonardi, 36, Lincoln
Richard Cabral, 37, Attleboro
Kristine Carbone, 38, Taunton
William Cartwright, 32, Pawtucket
Edward B. Corbett III, 31, West Warwick
Michael Cordier, 31, South Kingstown
Alfred Crisostomi, 38, Providence
Robert Croteau, 31, Fall River
Lisa D'Andrea, 42, Barrington
Matthew P. Darby, 36, Coventry
Dina Ann DeMaio, 30, West Warwick
Rachel DePietro (Florio), 31, Providence
Albert Anthony DiBonaventura, 18, North Dighton
Christina DiRienzo, 37, Plymouth
Kevin J. Dunn, 37, Attleboro
Lori Durante, 40, West Warwick
Edward Ervanian, 29, Cranston
Thomas Fleming, 30, Worcester, Mass.
Mark A. Fontaine, 22, Johnston
Daniel Frederickson, 37, Coventry
Michael Fresolo, 32, Worcester, Mass.
James Gahan, 21, Falmouth, Mass.
Melvin Gerfin, 46, Groton, Conn.
Laura Gillet, 32, Pembroke, Mass.
Charline Elaine Gingras-Fick, 35, Pawtucket
Michael James Gonsalves, 40, Warwick
James Gooden, 37, Cranston
Derek Gray, 22, Dracut, Mass.
Scott C. Greene, 35, Warwick
Scott Griffith, 41, Mission Viejo, Calif.
Bonnie L. Hamelin, 27, Warwick
Jude Henault, 37, Lisbon, Conn.
Andrew Hoban, 22, North Kingstown
Abbie Hoisington, 28, Cranston
Michael Hoogasian, 31, Cranston
Sandy Hoogasian, 27, Cranston
Carlton "Bud" Howorth III, 39, Norton, Mass.
Eric James Hyer, 32, Coventry
Derek Brian Johnson, 32, West Warwick
Lisa Kelly, 27, Swansea
Tracy King, 39, Warwick
Michael Joseph Kulz, 30, Warwick
Keith Lapierre, 29, Worcester, Mass.
Dale Latulippe, 46, Carver, Mass.
Stephen Libera, 21, North Kingstown
John Longiaru, 23, Johnston
Ty Longley, 31, North Ridge, Calif.
Andrea Mancini, 28, Johnston
Keith A. Mancini, 34, Cranston
Steven Mancini, 39, Johnston
Judith Manzo, 37, North Providence
Thomas Marion Jr., 27, Westport
Jeffery Martin, 33, Melrose, Mass.
Tammy Mattera-Housa, 29, Warwick
Kristen McQuarrie, 37, Coventry
Thomas Medeiros, 40, Coventry
Samuel Miceli, 37, Lisbon, Conn.
Donna M. Mitchell, 29, Fall River
Leigh Ann Moreau, 21, Providence
Ryan M. Morin, 31, Alston, Mass.
Jason Morton, 38, West Greenwich
Beth Ellen Moscznski, 34, Millbury, Mass.
Katherine O'Donnell, 26, Seekonk
Nicholas O'Neill, 18, Pawtucket
Matthew James Pickett, 33, Bellingham, Mass.
Carlos L. Pimental, 38, West Warwick
Christopher Prouty, 34, Pawtucket
Teresa Rakoski, 30, Taunton
Jeffrey Rader, 22, Danville, Calif.
Robert Reisner, 29, Coventry
Walter Rich, 40, Attleboro
Donald Roderiques, 46, Fall River
Tracey Romanoff, 32, Coventry
Joseph Rossi, 35, Pawtucket
Bridget Sanetti, 25, Coventry
Rebecca Shaw, 24, Sudbury, Mass.
Mitchell Shubert, 39, Newberry, Fla.
Dennis Smith, 36, Pawtucket
Victor Stark, 39, West Yarmouth, Mass.
Benjamin Suffoletto, 43, Glocester
Linda Suffoletto, 43, Glocester
Shawn Sweet, 28, Pembroke, Mass.
Jason Sylvester, 24, Coventry
Sarah Jane Telgarsky, 37, Plainfield, Conn.
Kelly Vieira, 40, of West Warwick
Kevin Washburn, 30, Franklin, Mass
Everett "Tommy" Woodmansee, 30, Charlestown
Robert Daniel Young, 29, Taunton


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In Memory

In the worst blaze in Rhode Island's history, at least 100 lives were lost at The Station nightclub fire in West Warwick, on Feb. 20, 2003.
Updated May 6, 2003

Profiles, photos and obituaries of the victims as published in the daily pages of The Providence Journal or in a special section on March 20, 2003, the one-month anniversary of the fire, are gathered below.
You may also view the special section in PDF format.
See the entire section
View each page individually.
You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader software to view and print the pages.

Visitors may also sign an online guestbook created in the memory of all victims; some also have an individual guestbook.
Guestbook entries are free. They may include both messages and photos and are reviewed before posting.
Browse the full guestbook here.

Louis S. Alves
33, of Lincoln

Kevin Anderson
37, of Warwick

Stacie Angers
29, of Worcester, Mass.

Christopher Arruda
30, of Coventry

Eugene Avilez
21, of Burlington, Mass.

Tina Ayer
33, of Warwick

Karla Bagtaz
41, of Randolph, Mass.

Mary H. Baker
32, of Fall River

Thomas Barnett
38, of West Greenwich

Lauren Beauchaine
35, of West Warwick

Steven Thomas Blom
38, of Cranston

William C. "Billy" Bonardi III
36, of Smithfield

Richard A. Cabral Jr.
37, of Attleboro, Mass.

Kristine Carbone
38, of Taunton, Mass.

William Cartwright
42, of Pawtucket

Edward B. Corbett III
31, of West Warwick

Michael Cordier
31, of Westerly

Alfred Crisostomi
38, of Providence

Robert J. Croteau
31, of Fall River, Mass.

Lisa D'Andrea
42, of Barrington

Matthew P. Darby
36, of Coventry

Dina Ann DeMaio
30, of West Warwick

Albert Anthony DiBonaventura
18, of North Dighton, Mass.

Christina DiRienzo
37, of Plymouth, Mass.

Kevin J. Dunn
37, of Attleboro, Mass.

Lori K. Durante
40, of West Warwick

Edward Ervanian
29, of Cranston

Thomas Fleming
30, of Worcester, Mass.

Rachel Florio-DePietro
31, of Providence

Mark Fontaine
22, of Johnston

Daniel Frederickson
37, of Coventry

Michael Fresolo
32, of Worcester, Mass.

James Gahan
21, of Falmouth, Mass.





Melvin Gerfin
46, of Groton, Conn.

Laura Gillet
32, of Pembroke, Mass.

Charline E. Gingras-Fick
35, of Central Falls

Michael James Gonsalves
40, of Warwick

James Gooden
37, of Cranston

Derek Gray
22, of Dracut, Mass.

Skott Greene
35, of Warwick

Scott Griffith
41, of West Warwick

Pamela Gruttadauria
33, of Johnston

Bonnie L. Hamelin
27, of Warwick

Jude Henault
37, of Lisbon, Conn.

Andrew Hoban
22, of North Kingstown

Abbie L. Hoisington
28, of Cranston

Michael Hoogasian
31, of Cranston

Sandy Hoogasian
27, of Cranston

Carlton "Bud" Howorth III
39, of Norton, Mass.

Eric J. Hyer
32, of Scituate

Derek Brian Johnson
32, of West Warwick

Lisa Kelly
27, of Swansea, Mass.

Tracy F. King
39, of Warwick

Michael Joseph Kulz
30, of Warwick

Keith Lapierre
29, of Worcester, Mass.

Dale Latulippe
46, of Carver, Mass.

Stephen M. Libera
21, of North Kingstown

John M. Longiaru
23, of Johnston

Ty Longley
of Northridge, Calif.

Andrea Mancini
28, of Johnston

Keith A. Mancini
34, of Cranston

Steven Mancini
39, of Johnston

Judith Manzo
37, of North Providence

Thomas Frank Marion
27, of Westport, Mass.

Jeffrey Martin
33, of Melrose, Mass.

Tammy Mattera-Housa
29, of Warwick

Kristen Leigh McQuarrie
37, of Ledyard, Conn.

Thomas Medeiros
40, of Coventry

Samuel Miceli
37, of Lisbon, Conn.

Donna M. Mitchell
29, of Fall River, Mass.

Leigh Ann Moreau
21, of Providence

Ryan M. Morin
31, of Boston

Jason Morton
38, of West Greenwich

Beth Ellen Mosczynski
33, of Millbury, Mass.

Katherine O'Donnell
26, of Seekonk, Mass.

Nicholas Philip O'Neill
18, of Pawtucket

Matthew James Pickett
33, of Belligham, Mass.

Carlos L. Pimentel Sr.
38, of West Warwick

Christopher Prouty
24, of Pawtucket

Jeffrey Rader
32, of Danville, Calif.

Theresa Rakoski
30, of Taunton, Mass.

Robert L. Reisner III
29, of Coventry

Walter Rich
40, of Attleboro, Mass.

Donald Roderiques
46, of Mashpee, Mass.

Tracey Romanoff
32, of Coventry

Joseph Rossi
35, of Pawtucket

Bridget Sanetti
25, of Coventry

Rebecca E. Shaw
24, of Warwick

Mitchell C. Shubert
39, of Newberry, Fla.

Dennis Smith
36, of Pawtucket

Victor Stark
39, of West Yarmouth, Mass.

Benjamin Suffoletto
43, of Glocester

Linda Suffoletto
43, of Glocester

Shawn Sweet
28, of Pembroke, Mass.

Jason Sylvester
24, of Coventry

Sarah Jane Telgarsky
37, of Plainfield, Conn.

Kelly Viera
40, of West Warwick

Kevin Washburn
30, of Franklin, Mass.

Everett "Tommy" Woodmansee
30, of Charlestown

Robert Daniel Young
29, of Taunton, Mass.