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"Great Storms Announce Themselves With A Gentle Breeze"

Quality Tweeters And Woofers Aside...
Hear This Distortion!
The Tweeter Center boasts itself as a Performing Arts Center.
Indeed, some of this nations leading talent performs there.
It has a huge limo parking area and VIP accoutrements.
And the region's / nation's premiere event sponsors.
It also has a "hostile" environment for its decent patrons.
A "harrassing" environment for many of its workers.
And, an impossible situation to properly control
with the resources allocated & contracted. 
Festering consequences loom large.
"It's Just A Matter Of Time"
Charted #3 for 1 week -- Top 40 for 14 weeks
#1 R&B Hit for 9 weeks
First hit the charts 02/09/59
Benton's 1st Hit and 1st of 3 Gold Records
Tweeter Center... It's Time For A Sound Check!
Town of Mansfield...You Should Listen, Too!
Other venues with parking lots
where patrons are confined for hours
should hear the peal, as well.


This Report was initially drafted and presented pre 9/11; it was finished Fall '01 without presentation... and then published to the Web in '02.  Its original focus was on unacceptable parking lot behavior, per se.  The Report quickly evolved into a deeper evaluation of factors that cause this behavior, including traffic into and out of the parking lots. 

Regardless of purpose, as this Report shows, I had my obvious concerns: Poor traffic access, high density parking, unacceptible behaviors, poor public facilities, conflicting drinking policies, limited detail policing, limited center security, Also, open flames around vehicle gas tanks, lack of fire suppression, etc. became my concerns. Apparently, to many other people these were / are "Assumable Risks!" 

Post 9/11, we now all understand that these risks are not assumable... but real.  Poor access and egress isn't just a traffic problem, it's a rescue hurdle as well as a patron and medical evacuation problem.   Parking lots without stationed, charged fire suppression equipment and personnel leaves at least 30,000 gallons of gasoline in the lots unprotected from fire and explosions... set off by accident... or by evil doers.  And so it goes.

Though my long-standing concept of "CREEPING COMPLACENCY" focuses on these incremental "assumable risks" eventually accumulating into a critical incident, I never expected this report to presage a 9/11 type attack.  But my report stands. 

Post 9/11, I revisted the Tweeter Center parking lots numerous times:  The visible parking lot change in '02 was the addition of signs stating that backpacks and other containers could no longer be brought into the venue.  Gatekeepers were added as well.  Otherwise, regrading the parking lots, there were no improvements in 2003. In 2004, seven more portable toilets were added -- still not enough during peak hours.  More importantly, the access road behind the venue (click link below) is still unguarded, which leaves a huge vulnerability.  Large gatherings, always a concern, now have a darker dimension... And this unguarded road is the darkest of them all! 

Believing that one is either part of the solution...or a part of the problem, I've define and offer solutions of merit, as you will see in other pages.

Large Venue / National Acts / Congested Access
Challenge Homeland Defense -- New Signs Post 9/11 -- Enough?

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