My Wedding Album For Brides 'n Grooms
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To Brides & Grooms:         (Note: My annotations in RED disappear in your published site)
As an additional value, I offer this site to help celebrate your marriage.  Of course the final text and pictures will be yours... and the site's title will definitely not be "My Wedding Album for..."  My role is to "spin" this site's development.
Most likely,  I will have already uploaded pictures that I took at your reception before you even get to your honeymoon location.  So, find a cyber-cafe to re-live a part of your reception... and share your event with other honeymooners at your hideaway. 
As the entertainment for your reception, I'm the only person to fully "see" the event; and as a former candid-shots photographer, I get to "see" pictures differently.
So, my pictures... another value... will be used for now.  When you receive your "official" pix, and have your honenymoon pix, you may want to replace mine... or add yours.
At the end... you will have your own web address and free account, which you may upgrade,  and will have the ability to let the site grow as does your relationship... and perhaps family. )     JOHNNY HiHAT
Let's take a look at your site... The navigation bar at the top jumps you to other pages.
And... all of my shameless advertising that you see will disappear as well.
Other pages may be added or titles changed.

Announcing the marriage of...

Our wedding was one of the happiest days of our lives. We've created this photo album to commemorate the occasion and help us remember the good times. Whether or not you were able to share the day with us, we hope this album conveys some of the joy we felt.

On this home page, you might include some general information, such as the date of the wedding, where it was held, what the weather was like -- always important for those outdoor receptions, and perhaps one notable event -- such as the limo got a flat tire on the way to the church!  You might also include your favorite picture(s). And you might scan in a copy of our wedding invitation or program, or retype it if the scan quality is poor due to embossing or fine print.


Be sure to get in touch and let us know what you think after you've taken a look through our album!