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What Is A Legacy Card?
Though my actual 60th birthday was not until March 9th of 2002, on January 1st of '02, I promised myself that I would dedicate my 60th revolution around this planet's sun launching my "ideas" file through anyway possible:  Personal effort, angel financing, venture capital, even beer bottle redemption.  I've been slugging.  Today...
It's Time For Legacy Greeting Cards
Legacy Cards (tm) is an idea which I first conceived in the late '80s.  But, due to other business firefights in which I found myself, it was just not the time to loose focus.
The concept is simple:  There are some greeting cards worthy of passing along.  And, while I think that cards are overpriced, Legacy Greeting Cards (tm) have nothing to do with saving money (it's a benefit), but have everything to do with the collection of endearing sentiment -- I call it richness -- gained through the Journey of Wishes (tm) that previous recipients got and passed along with these cards. Who knows where a particular Legacy Card will travel?  And who knows whose name may appear.  A rock star's, a celebrity's... even a President's?
Of course, it's possible that the legacy will be broken... that someone who receives a Legacy Greeting (tm) will not pass it along. That will be unfortunate! Unlike a chain letter... no curse will befall them.  But then again, all of the good wishes accummulated by the card will also not pass on to the legacy breaker's loved one or friend (Some Lover/Friend!).  And, by the Log, all will know just who "tubed" the legacy.
The Origins of  "Legacies"

My parents, especially my father, instilled in me a strong sense of "incremental legacy"... a concept of improving "the breed," as he referred to his nuclear family. (Ex: He attended a 2 year college... sent me to a 4.) Without children, I'm driven in other ways to "create" incremental legacies... not for myself, individually, nor my family, necessarily, but in a broader sense by leaving behind something new, improved, or perhaps some thought reframed by insight, or experience.

For me... Legacy Greeting Cards is one of other endeavors that fills the bill. Sure, I've lavishly trademarked words, herein, in case there's commercial value.  Legally, this is wise...

But, the inherent value of Legacy Greeting Cards is the patina that a Good Wish gains as it is shared with others... regardless of any commercial success. 

I hope that you agree.  

" It's Joy That Puts You In First Place "


How Do They Work?  Also Simple!

Physical Card:  Legacy Greeting Cards starts with a real card. The particular card which you see above, is a card which I received from Dianne and Bob Hughes for my 60th birthday. Little could they know how close their card matched this effort, or touched me.  I am putting it into "play" by sending the physical card back to Bob for his 60th birthay on April 21st.  Inside the card, I've created a Legacy Ledger, recording my receipt from them, and my sending it to him.  And, when Bob sends this card to perhaps a sister-in-law, a cousin-in-law, or friend, he will record his receipt and sending on the card, as I did.  There's room for a one line personal greeting... long notes should be included on a separate sheet... or recorded in the online comments section of the this card's 60th Birthday Legacy Registry. 

Web Registration

On the following screens is the public recording this card's odyssey.  As each person passes along the card, s/he fills in the information in the Legacy Guest Box,  e-mails me, or calls 781-784-5262 if they prefer.  The card's movement will be recorded by me.  In time, as Legacy Greetings grows, this "registry" will assume its own life. Also, as I'm certain other people may surf upon this card, and some may attempt to disrespect it, I have taken precautions that only the messages from card recipients, their friend and family, or general well-wishers will be posted in this Registry.

So, whether you're a recipient/sender of this card, or just someone that wants to use this Registry to send a wish, Legacy Greeting Cards is the perfect format.  It's online to enJOY! And, remember... It's JOY that puts    you in first place!

"Having A Good Trip"

Be Sure To Pass Along
The Legacy of Good Wishes
That Came With This Card
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