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Sieze the opportunity and toast your guiding star.
It's another year for all to see how wonderful you are.
Look forward to each moment as you ride through lifes race.
For when you near the finish, it's joy that puts you in first place.
Happy Birthday
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From DIANNE & BOB HUGHES to JOHN SOTTILE on his B-DAY, 03/09/02
John:  "Di/Bob, Thanks for the great wishes and perfect card for this launch!"
From JOHN SOTTILE to BOB HUGHES on his B-DAY, 04/21/02
(Bob:  Have a great 60th B-day & family cruise.  Howsa 'bout a trip pic here!) 

Have A Great Time !
From BOB HUGHES to ????
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Be Sure To Pass Along
The Legacy of Good Wishes
That Came With This Card
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